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  1. JessicaSs

    QLD Possible to Get Sole Custody of Children?

    Good Morning, I separated from my child's father over 3 years ago due to Domestic Violence and his drug abuse. We went through mediation and he was to have supervised visits at a contact centre once a week. We had planned to have the mediation agreements signed by the family court, but he...
  2. A

    QLD Ex Uses Drugs - What Happens if There's a Search Warrant?

    Hi, This is my first time posting and I'm hoping personal and professional experiences of others might be able to help me with my concerns. Shall get on with it shall I? My ex-partner is a methamphetamine user but has only become a user in recent months since our separation. We still reside in...
  3. W

    QLD Criminal Law - Ramifications of Selling of Counterfeit Illegal Drugs?

    Good evening, I'm wondering what the legal ramifications of criminal law would be if I sold counterfeit illegal drugs. For example, if I combined baking soda and an oral numbing agent and sold it as cocaine, or sold pure salt as crystal methamphetamine to someone, what would the legal...
  4. Piers Blomfield

    NSW Employment Contract - Employee's Obligation to Disclose Criminal Conviction?

    A client of mine received a s10(1)(b) for driving with the presence of methamphetamine in her system. It was a plea of guilty and she was placed on a bond, as it was her first offence. A s10(1)(b) is a non-conviction, however, still appears on your police record. The following week, she was...
  5. StaceyJane

    VIC Family Law - Contesting AVO Served by Ex?

    I am inquiring for some answers with regards to my partner and the treatment he's receiving from his ex-spouse and the police force, after serving out a twelve-month AVO, issued by his ex. Also stating that he was to have no contact with his two young sons, she has reissued the order, one day...
  6. C

    NSW Friend Charged for Possession of Drugs - Options Under Criminal Law?

    I have a friend who has been to court once charged I believe with possession of drugs, 5 g of methamphetamine on the 16/12/2015. She is now in jail until the 3/2/2016 for sentencing. She is Korean; her English is not great. Is this normal? Also is it possible to get her released on bail? I've...
  7. U

    QLD Family Law - Niece's Children in My Care - Where Do I Stand?

    My ex-husband's brother married a woman that had my niece prior, both marriages have now split 6 years ago. I had minimal contact with my niece until she called me in a state saying no one would help her and she needed my help. When I got there, she had a huge pile of papers (an affidavit of...
  8. lost for words

    NSW Charged with Driving with Methamphetamine - Get Statutory Declaration?

    Hi, I have recently been charged with driving with methamphetamine in my system and sent a court appearance notice even though I don't use it . I had picked up a couple of people from a party and they were smoking in the car. I had not even considered that I could be affected and subsequently...
  9. C

    WA Charged with Possession of Methamphetamine - Where do I Stand?

    I have been charged with possession of methamphetamine. The charges details are: Caught in possession of methamphetamine up to 1gram. What I actually was caught with was an empty plastic bag that had contained methamphetamine early on. But when caught with it the meth had been mixed and...
  10. Samantha487

    WA De Facto Left with My Property and Credit Card Debt

    My ex de facto and I broke up due to him using methamphetamine and having psychotic episodes. He went and got a rental and after a week he apologised for everything and said he wanted us to be together and he would stop the methamphetamine use. I moved some boxes of things to his house and...