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    NSW Inappropriate Treatment of My Fiance - What to Do?

    I am writing to anyone out there who knows anything I can do to make sure that a paedophile is discovered and controlled properly before he hurts anyone else. What happened? I have been suspicious of certain goings-on behind my back for a few months now, but now that my fiancee has opened up...
  2. A

    QLD Search Warrant, Drugs Trafficking Sentences and Mobile Phones

    Was wondering what the penalty are of these offences that my partner has been charged with, all so on the 8th off this month, when they (the police) came to my mother's house with the search warrant. I got detained with my 8 month old baby and they had my mobile phone. When they finished doing...
  3. J

    WA Chronic Anxiety and Depression - Defence for Mandatory Sentencing?

    I'm trying to find out whether I can use my having chronic anxiety and depression, as well as a recent addiction to methamphetamine that I have overcome, as a defence against mandatory minimum sentencing for the following traffic law charges? I have yet to see a lawyer, I'm saving up now. Has...
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    NSW Drugs Charges, Criminal Record - How Much Time I Could Face?

    I go in for sentencing tomorrow at court for 2 counts of drugs possession and supply methamphetamine 4 grams and only a 50 bag 2 weeks before that. 2 counts of larceny, 2 counts of break and enter, goods in custody and driving whilst disqualified 2 years of more I was also charged with skys law...
  5. C

    QLD Child Safety and Drugs - Grandparents Rights?

    What, if any, recourse is available to grandparents to protect their grandchild's safety? Our son has his own legal advice regarding his daughter, however is there anything my husband and I are able to do as well? Do we have grandparents rights in relation to child safety? Close members of the...
  6. Y

    VIC Drugs - Father Charged with Trafficking

    Hi, I was hoping if anyone could tell me any possible outcomes of someone being caught with (I think) 100 grams of methamphetamine (drugs), charged for one count of trafficking, (first ever offence). His daughter has a disability and is super intelligent and very close to him, the family want to...
  7. A

    QLD Been Caught with Meth - What Next?

    Hey. Early this morning, I got done with 3 points of the drugs, methamphetamine. I would like to get some legal advice.