NSW Ipad Dilemma over Activation Lock

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    11 January 2019
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    On 21st December, 2018 I purchased a used Ipad Air for the sum of $200 cash from Facebook Member Deanna Tully in Facebook Marketplace. I was assured the Ipad had been erased and removed from her icloud account as requested at the Apple Store in Penrith NSW. On arriving home I proceeded to set up the device only to find it was "locked" to her account rendering the device completely useless. The Apple store advised the device was indeed registered to the young lady. The young lady refuses to release activation code linked to the device and the Apple company will only deal with the original owner registered to the serial number. What are my rights if the young lady continues to avoid co-operation. It's only $200 but as a pensioner, it's a lot of money.
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