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    VIC Credit Card Charged Without My Knowledge - Recourse?

    Hello and thank you for reading, About 3 months ago, I rented a campervan from a company in Melbourne (intentionally not mentioning it's name at the moment) and have returned it in Sydney. I have received my whole deposit back, and some money for gas that I was owed by the company, and with...
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    NSW Debt Recovery Chasing Me for Corporate Credit Card Transactions?

    I was a director at a company along with 2 other company directors. Those 2 other directors (Director A and Director B) were the major shareholders of the company. I reported to the other 2 directors (Director A and director B). I was instructed by Director B that American Express (AMEX) was...
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    WA Credit Corp Chasing Me for Debt?

    Hi experts, So my husband was forced into bankruptcy owing around $7M. Most of it was for business loans and HP financing for equipment but there was also a personal? (~ $500K ) loan for a car. I'm pretty sure all debts stopped being serviced around May/June 2013, even though bankruptcy was...
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    NSW Credit card went to debt collection without notice to me

    Hi, i have a joint credit card and mortgage debt with the ex. I pay the mortgage, she pays the credit card, we have not been able to agree on a settlement even though i offered her half of what the house is worth, she wants more. Ex sent me an email a while back saying she is not paying the...
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    VIC Trouble with Credit Corp - What to Do?

    Hi - During a messy divorce, my ex-wife wracked up 15K of debt on my credit card. I left Australia to live in Malaysia 6 years ago and probably made a payment under duress on that card around 5.5 years ago. Since then I have not made any payment (still annoyed at having to pay for the...
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    QLD Removing Brothers as Executors of Will?

    My 2 younger brothers and myself are executors of our Mother's will. 6 weeks after Mum's death, I drafted the ads for probate and told them what had to be done, but they told me to cancel everything, that I was moving too fast and was just after her money. I lived close to Mum and had been the...
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    NSW Company Fraud by Your Business Partner - What to Do?

    Good morning everyone, Just a quick rundown of my situation. About a year and a half ago, I moved from a different state to set up a dental clinic with my long time good friend. Due to the situation, I was really only given a very short period of time to consider the offer and did not have...
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    VIC Will Partner Declaring Bankruptcy Affect Me?

    I have recently purchased a house, and now have a rather large mortgage, which is all in my name. My partner recently lost his job, and because I earn too much isn't entitled to payments from Centerlink. He now has creditors chasing him as he is unable to make payments on his credit card and...
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    WA Used someone else's credit card to gamble online

    I'm overseas with a friend and he gave me permision to use his credit card to try win him some money online with the sports betting comlany I use back home in Australia. Long story short I've deposited around $5000 in a few days lost it all and he's claiming he said I could only use $1000 not...
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    VIC Do I Have to Pay Half of Credit Card Debt?

    Hello Just after some help, I am new here, so please bear with me. I recently separated from my fiancé. We have been together 4 yrs, engaged for 3 yrs. When we got together, I was living in a rental, he moved in with me & my son. Unfortunately he was going through the family court to have...