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  1. JessicaJones

    QLD What Happens to Joint Savings Account After Divorce?

    What happens to the money in our joint savings account if I want to get divorced? We are married out the community of property without the accrual. I am worried that my wife will just transfer all the money in the account to her personal bank account once I approach the subject of divorce.
  2. T

    VIC Bank Account withdrawn

    Hi A bank account was opened by their Father & Mother, for their 3 children, one of the siblings was set up as the main account holder for tax reasons, other siblings names where also included on the account including the Mum & Dad as POA. The account recently was completely withdrawn, which was...
  3. T

    VIC Sold Car Privately - Buyer Threatening Legal Action?

    3 days ago, I sold my car privately to a person who lives roughly 200 kilometers away. The buyer came 6 weeks ago to test-drive the car and to check it out. I wasn't at home so my wife gave him the keys and answered the questions. My wife asked the buyer how he went with driving the car and if...
  4. P

    QLD Bank Account - Finance Company Refusing Other Forms of Payment?

    I have a final notice from a finance company threatening enforcement. However I asked for a bank account I could pay the funds into. This is what they saidL "The system does not accept any direct credit payments for arrears, as such can you please advise what alternative bank account number...
  5. T

    NSW How to Get Money Back from SDRO?

    The SDRO just garnished all of the money in my account. However, almost all of $551 they took was actually bond money that was due to be paid to someone else. It was in my savings bank account, waiting to be paid to an outgoing subtenant. Evidence: - The amount in the savings account was the...
  6. W

    TAS Recovering Money Transferred to Deceased Mother's Bank Account?

    Hi everyone, I recently transferred a large sum of money ($50,000) from my overseas bank account to my mother's bank account here as I wasn't able to transfer the money to my own Australian account. She had agreed to transfer the money back to me as soon as she could, but she passed away not...
  7. N

    QLD Financed Car with Ex - Who is the True Owner?

    My ex and I split, and during the course of our relationship, we purchased a car, which was registered in joint names and financed in only his. Almost 12 months ago, he agreed that he would pay the car off as child support and he transferred the registration of the vehicle in my name. Things...
  8. I

    VIC Is Gumtree Buyer Entitled to a Refund?

    Hi there, I have had an ad on Gumtree and have been going back and forth with a customer for a few months now. I agreed with the buyer that I would lower the price by $200, even though the item is worth almost 6x what I am selling it for. The buyer asked for my bank account details to transfer...
  9. M

    VIC Private Seller Selling Car on Behalf of His Wife?

    Hello. I liked a car listed on internet by private seller who lives in Victoria. Went through inspection, got it checked by mechanic, checked registration on Vicroads website, did PPSR check, and all came clear. After agreeing on the price with the seller, I came to know that family is moving...
  10. A

    VIC Property Settlement - Does Wife's Ex Have a Claim on Property?

    Hello, Situation: Wife inherited money from her grandmother who expressly wanted to provide for her. She purchased a 3 bedroom home in 1995 with this money and a mortgage. She lived in the house for a couple of years, then rented it out till September 2003 when she and her de facto moved into...