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  1. M

    VIC Opinions on Contest a Will?

    My elderly mother has recently passed away. My father died years ago and an older sibling, who lived with them, became my mother's carer, as she had dementia...although died from cancer. Both my mother and father had the same will originally, leaving the deceased estate to each other, and if /...
  2. J

    NSW Question Regarding Pension Bank Account?

    I know this may seem silly. I know that when you go on an age pension, they want to know what money you have. How do you go about having everyday money like $20.000 in a bank account that you access all the time for clothes, bills, hair new pair of shoes, etc? Do they want to know if you draw...
  3. B

    ACT Spousal Maintenance - What am I Entitled to?

    I've been married 10years. I have 4 children between the ages of 4-10. I have been a stay at home mum for the last 10 years. I have been responsible for the care of the children, the domestic duties and finances. My husband earned the income. In November, we had an argument and he said we were...
  4. N

    NT How to Get DVO Removed or Reduced?

    Short Version: How do I get a DVO removed that I have against my partner as it is not needed and I was pressured into it by child services. Long Version: The DVO is a 2 year no-contact with myself and the two kids on it. I was pressured into it by child services with the threat of my children...
  5. M

    WA Dealing with AVO and Visitation Rights While Overseas?

    Hi all I am happy to have found these forums as I am really in need of some help. For many years, my ex and I did not get along well. She always told me she didn't love me anymore, etc and we lived in different rooms at stages but stayed together for the sake of our two primary school aged...
  6. T

    QLD A Big Bank Breaches Rules to Avoid Liability?

    A big bank accepts transactions without using correct security protocol informing account holder of terms or advise or security that is required and relevant. The funds in question are more than 160000. The bank was informed prior to the completion of these transactions when the bank account...
  7. mkr

    VIC Fraudulent Transactions by Hotel with Visa Card - Options?

    Hi there, I recently checked my bank account and spotted a string of transactions 'pending' to a Hotel in PNG. I had not been in PNG for 18+ months, and the card used had been issued to me since that time. I still had the Card in my possession. In the week prior, there were near $2000 worth of...
  8. S

    VIC Debt Collectors Chasing Me for Deceased Brother's Debt?

    Hi, I have recently been contacted by a debt collector trying to recover a credit card debt my brother had. My brother was not born in Australia. We grew up in Australia, but he moved to Malaysia about 12 years ago, and has lived there since. He did have an Australian bank account and credit...
  9. S

    VIC Managing Property Assets as a De Facto Couple?

    My partner and I are a registered de facto couple. My partner already owns a property where we currently live. We were advised to only put a new house we want at auction in my name as I'm a first time buyer. Is this correct? We aim to each contribute 50:50 to the home loan so ultimately we...
  10. D

    NSW Constitution - Use of Shortened Name on Legal Documents?

    Hi there, I have a situation whereby a Unit Trust Deed (for which the trustee is a company) was signed by the directors of the trustee company. One of the directors was listed using a shortened name (e.g Ben instead of Benjamin, Mick instead of Michael). The director isn't one of the unit...