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QLD Withdrawal of Employment Offer?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Anne Engle, 14 May 2015.

  1. Anne Engle

    Anne Engle Member

    14 May 2015
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    I was recently recruited by a large Aged Care facility. I attended the orientation day and signed a contract with them for a P/PT position. 6 days later, I received a phone call stating that the offer of employment was being withdrawn. When I asked why, they responded with " you are no longer physically capable of carrying out the duties required" In other words, you are too old. I am 54 years old and have been in this industry, in this role for 20 years.

    Can they legally do this to me under employment law?
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  2. Ivy

    Ivy Well-Known Member

    10 February 2015
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    Hi Anne,

    If I were you I would call Fair Work Australia straight away. This sounds like a classic case of discrimination which is an adverse action against an employee or prospective employee due to one of the listed factors which includes age. The Fair Work Ombudsman's number is 13 13 94.

    You can also call the Australian Human Rights Commission. If it were me though I'd start with Fair Work and ask for their advice then go from there.

    Good luck!
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