VIC What Can be Done with Faulty Car?

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29 November 2016
I bought and picked up a used Hyundai Imax 2013 on 16Feb. After 30mins, I drove from the car yard, and I found the rmp reached to 3000 which is in parking mode. I turned off the engine and then started it again. It still happened. I called to the dealer then they arranged for a tow car to tow the car.

The next day, the dealer called us and said there was nothing wrong with the car, and that they can't find out the problem and asked me to collect the car on Monday 20Feb. I drove back home at 5pm safely and didn't drive for a day.

Today 22Feb, I drove this car to work, and the same problem happened. So I took a picture and video, and immidately drove back to the dealership. This time they finally saw what happened of the car, and they said they will try to find out the problem.

My question is, as this is only a 3 years old car that costs 26,500, I called to consumer affairs that I can only send back to dealer and let them fix it if it happens again. I am wondering if the guarantee warranty period ends, and the car still has problems, what can I do?

Not every problem happened in front of the dealer. If they keep saying that there is no problem while they check, but happened when I'm driving, what can we do?

As this happened twice in a week after purchasing. If the car is still having problems, is there anything I can do to ask for a refund or change to buy another new car?

Any department that can help? It's not safe for me if the car is in parking mode but the RPM is still running in 3000rmp.

Thank you


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31 October 2015

Consumer Affairs are probably saying that it has occurred relatively quickly so you need to give them the opportunity to repair it. After you get the car back, if its still not right try consumer affairs again and express your lost confidence and the significant risk you are exposed to while driving. These blog posts might help.

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