VIC Unfair Dismissal - Discrimination?

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9 July 2014
I work for an Employment agency and they found me work in which I have been in for the last 2-3 months. On the 08/07/2014 my vehicle suffered damages to all lights and some panel damages by an ex employee in which I was recently assured if I can not deal with it through the courts that the site owners would pay for the damage repairs. As the company is being sold and awaiting the go ahead from the ACCC within the next month, I'm sure this was to shut me up until the sale is final and I couldn't seek retribution.

Now for the worst: I injured my shoulder socket roughly 2-3 and despite having a few different light duties I have been performing since my injury, I received a call today stating I am not required any more due to "RUNNING OUT OF LIGHT DUTIES" which is a load of crock as this place would need to shut down if those specific duties no longer existed. I know its because I called Sydney's head office asking why my car is no longer being repaired by them.

Is there anyone high up within the law that can make a simple phone call and sort this out quick
My kids depend on my weekly pay cheque? If things go sour, could it be discrimination or unfair dismissal?

Amanda E

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9 April 2014