ACT Termination without notice

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5 February 2018
Hi, I think I may have been terminated unfairly. Bear in mind this happened in 2017 but I was not aware of my rights as an employee then and I still aren't. I just want to know if what happened was even legal and if not, should I report it somewhere.
I started work as a casual with a store in October 2016, I signed a contract with no termination date.
At the time I held a visa with unlimited work rights if that matters.
As of February 2017 I was working and my store managers seemed happy with me with no complaints. As I was advised store transfers were possible, I enquired with the district store manager if a transfer would be possible, she said yes and that there was a store that I could fit in and that she would start the process as soon as possible.
This was on the start of February, and due to the transfer she told me she will contact me when I can start working in the other store. My last shift was worked on the 21/02/2017 and she told me to wait for the call. I was called for an interview with a different company and wanting to see my options I went. After the interview I popped in to the former store I worked at and my managers asked me how did the interview go, I said it went good but that I wasn't going to take it as I still wanted to work with this company and grow within it, the district manager was also there and she told me not to worry and that I will still work with them.
On the 28/02 I rejected the job offer from the interview with the other company (I know, I was an idiot)
On 4/03 I was still waiting for the call and so I emailed the district manager as she wouldn't pick up phone calls. I then received a call from her saying "sorry but someone else got the position, will let you know if anything else opens up"

Following up, I contacted the company's headquarters to enquire about it and was told that my employment came to a natural end on 21/02/2017, which isn't true and if that's the case, why was I scheduled to work on the 24/02 according to the roster sent to me in email by my store managers. Why would my store manager ask me my shirt size for the shirt of the company's charity event which wasn't happening until after February.

Shouldn't I have been sent at least an email informing me of my termination? Shouldn't it have said on the contract that my employment ends 21/02/2017? Couldn't they have told me that my employment ends on the 21/02 so that I could have taken the other job offer and I wouldn't have been stuck not being able to pay bills and rent...

I really just want to know this so that I know if I was treated fairly.

Thank you for any advise, sorry forthe long writing.


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27 May 2014
Hmm, casual employee, 5 months employment, over 2 years ago.

Sorry, can't help you.