NSW Tenants in Common - How to Get Resident to Leave?

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24 April 2019
I have filed to force a sale on a 50/50 tenants in common property (since other party doesn't want to sell), but one of the tenants are refusing to leave the property. He is not named on the other 50% tenants in common, he does not pay rent, and there is no contract in place allowing him to live there. He has been paying some of the bills over the past year but not during the 5 years he has been there. How can he be forced to leave? Or can he be?


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7 June 2019
Have you applied to the Tenants tribunal, I don’t know what you call it in your state, if you follow the criteria this is much easier. Whoever signed the tenants agreement is liable for having someone live in the house without consent from the landlord, whoever did sign the tenants agreement can be kicked out along with everyone else living in the house.