NSW Right of Carriageway

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14 February 2020
We are the owners of a NSW property that has a right of carriageway to allow our neighbour access to his house. We live at the end of the said long driveway at which there is limited parking. Our neighbour has since reorientated his garage and built a driveway to the fronting road. This is now the only real vehicle access to his property since he fenced between our properties, but left a gate to the shared driveway. It’s not impossible to get a vehicle in, but would be very difficult. In the last 6 months he had used the entry twice to take through his ride on mower to a neighbours property. The neighbour insists that we not use any part of our driveway to park our vehicles, as it is a shared driveway legally, this entails us parking our vehicles on the street and walking down our long drive. We were only ever parking them in the drive when we were home to move them if required anyway, but he’s still being painful. Where to we stand with regards to parking and what would our chances be of having the easement removed as he now has main access to the road. Thank you.