retaning wall on the boundry

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peter alber

26 March 2020
hi there
i bought my house 2016 my neighbor was empty block last year he started to build while he build he put extra soil near to the fence without retaining wall so the fence is broken and we need to make retaining wall on the boundary he refuse to pay anything even for the fence and the retaining wall i went to the council they told me that safety matter but we cant do anything because he went to privet building survey so connected with vba with idid after 8 months they send letter say that civil matter have to look for legal advice so now i am in danger and the owner refuse to share the cost and every time i try to speak with him he give double price because he refuse to pay and i bring someone for concrete to ask about the retaining wall he chock with the reaction of the council and vba and ask for private engineer to draw the plan for the retaining wall so what the advice for that situation special the ower refuge to pay anything even for the fence he broken


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
He altered the surface of the land - he pays.