QLD Researching Patents for Exporting Products to the Philippines?

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Jack Brunner

22 February 2017
I am looking at importing toilet brushes for a client in the Philippines. I will be using a Chinese manufacturer, I have for other products, then exporting into the Philippines.

I have been trying to find out where I can source patent information on existing toilet brushes in Australia as I need a sample for my manufacturer. Would one expect something as simple a toilet scrubbing brush to have a patent on it. And if so, are patents generally recognised internationally?

Just trying to work out if this is something I would need to get a lawyer to actually look into or if there is a way I can search for patents/the patent from Australia wouldn't apply in the Phillippines.

Obviously there is a raft of rip-off counterfeit gear in China and the Phillippines, however, I want to do everything legally, and will have a design team create a new toilet brush design if need be, but obviously pulling and existing one from the $2 shop and sending it would be cheaper.

Leonard Mancini

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
4 August 2016
Gold Coast
Probably want to have a specific look at the the PH patent database: PATENTS Search

PH patents are also contained within the bibliographic and full text records of Espace.net Espacenet - Home page

I'd still have a look at Google patents simply because its so easy to use but don't expect to find many records that relate to PH. International Applications designating PH are included in google patents. But anything filed just with the PH patent office would not appear there.

You could look for Australian toilet brush IP in AUSPAT databases or also in the ADDS Registered Design database. These are linked on the IP Australia site. These will inform you of what you can't do in Australia. However you could be lucky in that the Australian IP has no equivalent in PH or China. If they have no equivalent in those two countries then you should be OK. It would be safer for a PH company to make the order directly from China however in that case to avoid any Australian connection.
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