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NIKE, Inc. () is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area. It is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$37.4 billion in its fiscal year 2020 (ending May 31, 2020). As of 2020, it employed more than 75,400 people worldwide. In 2020 the brand alone was valued in excess of $32 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses. Previously in 2017, the Nike brand was valued at $29.6 billion. Nike ranked No. 89 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.The company was founded on January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, and officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971. The company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Nike markets its products under its own brand, as well as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Nike Blazers, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Air Max, Foamposite, Nike Skateboarding, Nike CR7, and subsidiaries including Brand Jordan, and Converse. Nike also owned Bauer Hockey (later renamed Nike Bauer) from 1995 to 2008, and previously owned Cole Haan, Umbro, and Hurley International. In addition to manufacturing sportswear and equipment, the company operates retail stores under the Niketown name. Nike sponsors many high-profile athletes and sports teams around the world, with the highly recognized trademarks of "Just Do It" and the Swoosh logo.

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  1. jacobproctor123

    Am I allowed to resell Nike shoes?

    I am a reseller which means I buy limited release shoes from Nike and sell them for more money. I am looking at turning this into a business but was just wondering if there's anything legally stopping me doing it, there are massive Australian stores doing it like Waves Never Die | THE...
  2. M

    QLD Letter from Nike - How to Respond?

    I have been sent this letter from Nike. Is it real? I didn't advertise the shoes as genuine or replica. I buy them from an online store that also doesn't state they are real or fake (counterfeit). What do I respond with? My Facebook page is a closed group that you need to ask to be part of and...
  3. R

    VIC Accused of Selling Counterfeit Nike Soccer Jerseys on eBay

    I have been selling some soccer jerseys on eBay and I have received an email from Nike stating that they are now preparing to commence legal proceedings against me because i have sold 50 counterfeit Nike soccer jerseys. I had until close of business on Friday, 16 January but I asked Legal Aid...
  4. gluecow

    Cease and Desist Letter From Nike - What Now?

    Hello everyone I recently received this email from Nike. Nike wants me to sign a Cease and Desist Declaration as well as provide my name, phone number, address, and ID via email. I never realized anything I was selling was counterfeit or fake. It was mostly stuff I bought at tag sales in bulk...
  5. S

    NSW Nike Cease and Desist Letter - How to Respond?

    I'm an online retailer of football merchandise. I operate the business as a hobby and it is very small scale. I get merchandise from a variety of avenues, depending on whether I can get small orders of items at a reasonable price that I can make a few dollars on. Yesterday I received an email...