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  1. M

    QLD Letter from Nike - How to Respond?

    I have been sent this letter from Nike. Is it real? I didn't advertise the shoes as genuine or replica. I buy them from an online store that also doesn't state they are real or fake (counterfeit). What do I respond with? My Facebook page is a closed group that you need to ask to be part of and...
  2. R

    VIC Accused of Selling Counterfeit Nike Soccer Jerseys on eBay

    I have been selling some soccer jerseys on eBay and I have received an email from Nike stating that they are now preparing to commence legal proceedings against me because i have sold 50 counterfeit Nike soccer jerseys. I had until close of business on Friday, 16 January but I asked Legal Aid...
  3. gluecow

    Cease and Desist Letter From Nike - What Now?

    Hello everyone I recently received this email from Nike. Nike wants me to sign a Cease and Desist Declaration as well as provide my name, phone number, address, and ID via email. I never realized anything I was selling was counterfeit or fake. It was mostly stuff I bought at tag sales in bulk...
  4. S

    NSW Nike Cease and Desist Letter - How to Respond?

    I'm an online retailer of football merchandise. I operate the business as a hobby and it is very small scale. I get merchandise from a variety of avenues, depending on whether I can get small orders of items at a reasonable price that I can make a few dollars on. Yesterday I received an email...