QLD Rental Tenancy application accepted and then later rejected

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Josh B

26 July 2019

I recently applied for a rental tenancy in QLD, the property was advertised as pet friendly. On my application I listed two outside dogs to be at the property.

I was phoned by the real estate, informed that my application had been approved by the owner. We confirmed weekly rental amount, tenancy length, start date, and deposit amount. I then made a number of arrangements as a result of this agreement. I cancelled other pending rental applications and have now lost the opportunity to rent those properties. I have spent many hours organising and booking in quotes for moving services, although have not actually paid any money so am not at a loss there. I have advised my current real estate that I wish to terminate my current tenancy based on the start date agreed upon the new property.

The next day I was phoned by the real estate saying the owner had changed their mind, and do not want to proceed as they don't really want dogs at the address any longer.

The tenancy agreement was not yet signed and the deposit not yet made when the owners changed their mind. We desperately want this rental tenancy as the market is very competitive and this is a great property in a great area.

Is the verbal agreement enforceable?
What if any options would be available to me to pressure the real estate/owner to abide by the agreement and proceed with the tenancy?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.