VIC Property settlement

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21 March 2021
Hi I am just new
I have a court order for the property settlement.
It states my ex ( we are divorced) has to vacate the property in 45 days after he receives the first payment.this was from my super if 28 k
He did receive that and the 45 days is up in 3 days
I am also buying him out of the property and that settles in. Weeks time
We are living under the same roof
He is refusing to get out and has found no where to live despite telling me the contrary.
I have asked the police would they come if I called them and I was told no because he isn’t committing. Criminal offense and it is a federal curcuit court order.
How do I get him out of the house then?
He doesn’t pay any bills and has not done so for years I pay for everything.
Is my court order not worth the paper it’s written on?
What can I do?
Can I change the locks once the house settles and lock him out?


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27 May 2014
Ask your lawyer what to do.

There are 2 methods - go back to court and self help.


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27 September 2015
Wait 3 days after the date of exchange then change the locks when he goes out. If he tries to break in call the cops. Scream and yell and act scared...

BUT - I reckon he will leave. He is just playing stupid games with you.