NSW Property Law - Fences and Boundary Notice Counterproposal?

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18 April 2015
Our neighbor damaged our fences when building an extension. Our old survey suggests the fence is in the wrong location at the back of the property (by about 30cm) in our favour. He has a survey that suggests 75cm. He has issued us with a boundary notice to again look at the boundary.

We are on limited title and don't want to spend a fortune on claiming the land under property law. If we decide to give him some land should he be up for the cost of the fence, that was in very good condition?


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Hi there,

Firstly, what 'limited title' do you have?

Secondly, the starting point is to check the register. What description of boundaries is on the register? Generally (with some exceptions), whatever description is in the registered documents is what will apply.