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The Canada–United States border, officially known as the International Boundary, is the longest international border in the world between two countries. The terrestrial boundary (including boundaries in the Great Lakes, Atlantic and Pacific coasts) is 8,891 kilometers (5,525 mi) long, of which 2,475 kilometers (1,538 mi) is the border of Alaska with British Columbia and Yukon. The agencies currently responsible for facilitating legal passage through the international boundary are the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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    VIC Where To Place New Fence? REPOST 1

    We have not received a response to date hence the repost. We have a written agreement with our neighbour to build a new dividing fence along the title boundary separating both our properties (land). There is no existing fence. The fence will be constructed from treated pine posts connected with...
  2. K

    NSW Adjoining owners boundary fence on my land

    We have had a survey done of an adjoining boundary and have discovered that our neighbour has erected their fence and plants on our property. The fence is inside our boundary 40cm and up to 1m running about 50m. We have served them with a boundary and fencing notice, stating that we still own...
  3. G

    VIC Property boundary shift after refencing

    Hello, A little while ago our neighbor asked us to consider changing the boundary fence. We agreed and paid half. However, the boundary line has changed post the new fence installation. Where do we look for assistance in rectifying the situation - who would be an arbiter, who would pay for...
  4. K

    VIC Property Law - Boundary Dispute with Neighbour?

    Hi guys, I am wondering if some could give me some help on my situation. Both my neighbour and I have just finished building our houses. On my house plan, there is a 200mm gap between my garage wall and the boundary. I told my neighbour's builder not to put anything between the gap since it is...
  5. S

    Boundary and retaining wall dispute

    We live in mount kembla NSW. Our rear neighbour is building a garage at the rear of their property which is down hill from us. They have excavated right up to our boundary lines. After some rain there was soil collapse affecting 4 adjoining properties. Since then a concrete block (blocks the...
  6. T

    VIC Making a Boundary Survey Notice - How to Go about It??

    I need to send a boundary survey notice to a neighbour; can I do this myself and is there a particular format or template I need to use? Or can i just write a letter stating my case for the survey?