VIC Police Video Evidence of Traffic Infringement - Pay Fine or Challenge?

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old grumpy

3 August 2015
I was busted going through a stop sign without stopping ( turned left with an unimpeded view of oncoming traffic). The police officer involved said he had me on video tape, took down my drivers licence details, refused to let me see the said tape and told me I would receive an infringement notice in the mail. I returned to where I had been stopped in another vehicle and observed several people either going through the intersection or turning right without being intercepted. To add insult to injury, I got the notice in the mail with my surname spelled incorrectly.

Is it worth challenging this matter or should I just pay the fine?


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27 May 2014
Sucks, but other people breaking the law have no bearing on your fine.

Only you can answer the question about whether to pay or go to court.

Unless you are a clean skin (ie no other traffic offences), I don't like your chances at court. If you are a clean skin there's a fair chance you may be given a warning. Risk though is if you cop a magistrate on a bad day the fine stays and you pay costs.

re: Wrong name. Won't invalidate the fine, though you can write back and say you want the fine withdrawn and issued with the correct details. If you want to annoy them even more, don't say which details are wrong and tell them to check their records. :)
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