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1 May 2020
Hi Everyone,

Just wondering, who is financially responsible for pruning or cutting a tree if it is hanging over a neighbours fence? The neighbour or the owner of the tree?

We purchased this property and it already had a tree in the yard BUT the owner of the house behind us bought theirs also knowing there would be a tree in their backyard. Ideally I would not want to shell out $600 to prune a tree back (it's a big tree) when it does not bother me or my family.

I've read a lot about discussion with neighbours and amicability but I really don't want to pay to prune it back and I feel like she is just looking for something to complain about. I know she can cut what hangs over her side but she would have to hire someone to do this job. I'm happy to give them access to our yard to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.