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Nuisance abatement is a growing area within policing and code enforcement. The term refers to using building codes, fire codes, zoning, etc. in order to improve the quality of life and resolve life safety issues within neighborhoods. Nuisance abatement programs are most often a component of problem oriented or community policing programs. In most Canadian jurisdictions, bylaw enforcement officers handle nuisance abatement.
In England and Wales, "abatement of nuisance" is a legal self-help procedure whereby any victim of a private nuisance may take steps (without seeking the court's approval) to deal with the problem.

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    QLD How to enforce an easement

    Thanks for the help in advance. For background I am an ex-solicitor who worked in property but never dealt with this before so looking for some advice on how to enforce an easement in practice. Background: Neighbour and I live on two battleaxe blocks with a shared driveway that splits just...