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17 June 2021
Hello LawAnswers.com,

This is my first time on this website and I know that you cannot do my assignment and that is absolutely fine with me.

However, my assignment requires me to evaluate the effectiveness of NSW Law Reform on parole pertaining to the 2015 report made by the NSW Law Reform Commission.

What I am unsure about is where to go to find information on the effectiveness of the implementations only as I can't find any news articles/other sources relating to this part of my assignment.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Well-Known Member
7 October 2020
Figure out the body that administers/reports on/tracks paroles in NSW. It will likely be a government agency. If so they will likely put out some form of annual reporting. I’d start there.

Daniel Turbo

16 July 2021
The NSW Law Reform Commission website is a fantastic resource to get the reports that they release. They may have a follow up report to the 2015 report addressing this very question. This is the website: NSW Law Reform Commission. A search engine that is good to get secondary sources is "Google Scholar".