WA Notices of intent to Distribute and Passing of Accounts in WA

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17 April 2017
I have been executing the will of a deceased friend and I am now very close to wanting to distribute the residual amount after all debts have now been paid.

1. It has been seven months since his passing and I don't believe their is any contentious issues. However, I have recently read that the Executor must advertise (not sure where) a notice of intent to distribute to the beneficeries (not sure how long possible claimants are given to contact me either). Can someone educate me on the position in WA - I contacted the Probate office and was informed that it was the case but it wasn't enforced - that is not really helpful at all!

2. In regards to the Passing of the accounts the probate Office told me that this was only necessary if a complaint or a contention arises and then the accounts are required to be forwarded to the registrar who acts as an auditor - is this a correct view, or have I misunderstood.

I hope someone can assist.

Thank you.

Rob Lee

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7 March 2020
2. In regards to the Passing of the accounts
I have recently requested the passing of accounts and in the letter written and sent by the court, it stated that the accounts only need to be passed if requested. If the executor allowed the entitled to view on request and they were happy then there was no need to pass the accounts.