Notice to vacate issued within lease terms

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18 March 2020
Newbie here.

Our family has been issued a notice to vacate within 60 days since early March. Reason: property need to be prepared for selling.
Due to schooling and other reasons, we need to react to that quickly and find a place to settle down. We have then landed a new property and subsequently advise the landlord we are leaving the property by mid-April.
The agent wrote back and advice we are now in breach of lease break. And, demand us to pay rent up till the date they ask us to vacate which is 16th of May.
The fixed term lease is supposed to end by 6th of May.

We really thought we are doing the owner and ourselves a favour. Our original intention was to live in this place for more than a few years. Though it was kind of problematic for us, we try to move forward and address it with a new residence. And do the landlord a favour out of kindness.

This seems to be a backbite now.

I spoke to consumer affair and the person advise that we do have a case. And if the land lord escalate then we can go to VCAT. However, reading from their website, it doesn't seems to be the case.

Anyone who can help?