NSW No Fee for Lawyer to Give Me Copy of Will?

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23 August 2014
Need copy of my mums will contacted lawyer online who got all my details.He stated he will get copy of will free of charge but any further action taken will be charged but stated he will let me know first. Is this normal practise? Can a trust his verbal promise?

winston wolf

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21 April 2014
Sounds like a nice thing to do.
Why would you be suspicious?
I would compare it to going to a cafe and they give you a glass of water when you arrive which is free, but if you order a coffee you will need to pay.
I'm sure if they handle the will the cost of printing and postage wont break the budget ;)

Tim W

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28 April 2014
  1. Is your mother alive?
    If yes, then why do you need to see the will?
    Consider that there is no general entitlement to see a will
    if the person is alive.

  2. The lawyer - if you don't trust him, don't deal with him.
    That said, if he's your mother's lawyer, then you may have no choice.

  3. Section 54 of the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) provides for copies
    to be supplied at the requestor's expense.
    I would expect the time taken to locate the document and make the copy
    to be billable. Even if that's just one six-minute billing unit.
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