NSW lawyer acting for spouse or all/ when does money enter deceased estate from deceased parent

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    So I am hoping I can get some help please I am lost in this law world and am in need of some information on three questions please.
    1. My father died without a will and his wife asked my siblings and I to contact her solicitor. I am guessing her solicitor will be in control of deciding the estate?. Does the solicitor act for the estate,? or for her?, do I need to get my own lawyer? or will the lawyer just do everything legally per the law and then if I don't agree then I have to get another lawyer. (I think I read it is interstace and so she gets 350 plus half and siblings split the remaining half of the estate?)
    2. my grandmother passed six weeks before her son (my father), so what he would have inherited from her considered part of his estate and she can claim on it or does it get automatically redirected to his children (me and my siblings).
    thank you for any guidance that can be provided as I am very confused and don't want to make an expensive mistake.
    3. my father made a will in 1989 but since divorced and remarried, is there any reason to get that will or is it superceded by the marriage even though he did not renew a will.
    Thank you for any information you can provide, I really appreciate it

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