NSW Issues with security doors delivered

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14 February 2019
Hello, I'm very confused at the moment as we've ordered 2 security mesh screen doors to be installed in our property along with 4 security mesh screen windows.

We had already the security mesh in our front and back doors, both are black mesh on cream frame from before.
We've called someone for a quote and happy with it, ordered the doors with black mesh behind diamond grill and windows just plain security black mesh with cream frame not grill requested. Today I had them delivered and both doors have cream mesh on cream frame and the windows screen instead of been security mesh like the doors are just simple black fly screens behind cream diamond grill.

The poor guy that was getting them installed called the person who came to give us a quote a(s I've told him that it wasn't what we wanted) and he's been told that nothing can be done for the windows screens as it was on the quote that we've agreed but they are happy to change the cream mesh for black mesh just for doors.

I'm very disappointed as we've explained to him from the very beginning what we wanted (same mesh that it has been installed in our back and front doors which it is the security one (same as the one they did wrong in the doors screens)) he keep saying that because it is in the quote we cannot do anything and we have to keep them.

We have already paid a deposit of 40% of the agreed price and he said that if we want to have the windows the way we originally wanted them we have to pay 80% more.

The issue is that we don't know what sort of names or terminology they use to describe their job so when we've received the quote we paid it straight away and because of that he is saying we cannot have it the way we wanted. As on the quote says diamond grill -used this name before as now I know how this particular thing it's called- (we thought it was the name of the mesh!! As we've never mentioned anything about having that done on our windows screens)

Then talking with the guy that wanted to install them he said that the quote guy said that he put diamond grill in the quote to match our front door which it is plain frame so no diamond shape grill!!! So has he made a mistake or am I wrong? It wasn't what we wanted and it is a service we are not happy with.

Thank you for your help and sorry for the long post.