QLD Hypothetical - Could an old Family Provision Claim influence a newer Family Provision Claim years later?

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5 August 2022
Feel free to remove if in the wrong category and/or website in general. I thought to ask in the homework forum but I am not a law student, and this is just for a silly hypothetical scenario.

Say someone dies and they excluded their spouse from their will, and instead their child was named as sole beneficiary. The disinherited spouse successfully makes a Family Provision Claim for the estate instead and thus gets most if not all of the inheritance.

Years later, that same spouse dies, and their own will expressly excludes that same (now estranged and adult) child that was originally going to inherit. The deceased estate from this parent includes everything the other parent had originally bequeathed to the child.

If said child contested that will with a new Family Provision Claim, would the first parent's old will still have any weight at all in the eyes of the Court? Or would it be completely irrelevant?