VIC Hair requirements in my School.

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15 May 2017

My name is Nathan and I go to Gilson College and I'm in year 11.

Question: Can my school make me cut my hair length?

I have mid length in the back and sides and longer hair on the top.

I am a well presented student, my grades are good and I have no problem with getting a great education. My hair does not effect anything school related and the excuse is "we have a policy here". Is that really a good enough excuse for me to cut my hair. I have many self image doubts and my hair is the one thing that I have going for me.

But also, if I don't cut my hair can my school do anything about it? Are they allowed to send me home?


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31 October 2015
Hi Nathan,
I'm not sure of your schools policies and I'm guessing Gilson College isn't a public school. Generally speaking a private school has the freedom to enforce dress codes and standards such as hair length that a public school couldn't. If a student and their parents decide they don't wish to comply, they may be given the option to attend a different school. So they may not be able to force you to have a hair cut but they may have other ways to enforce their standards. You may find that you aren't able to represent the school if you don't meet their standards. Try considering it a different way, what if someone didn't like wearing shoes, this wouldn't be acceptable. You always have the freedom to try to fight this, but I wouldn't think you would win this fight.


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27 May 2014
School policy trumps personal choice.

No different to working in a large company. Get used to the power differential now, it does not change when you enter the workforce.
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Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
If it helps, the basis for this sort of thing is often contractual. The school agrees the accept you as a student, and you agree to accept their policies - one of which is the uniform policy.
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