VIC Gumtree Appliance Purchase (Paypal paid); Not Fully Operational

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10 July 2020
Hi all,
I hope it's ok to ask about this here, I found this forum after googling and it looked very helpful and useful.

I just purchased a second hand / used kitchen appliance (pressure cooker) from a private seller via Gumtree. He confirmed in text messaging that there were no leaks and that he had used the appliance recently. When I tested the appliance at home, it leaks quite a lot, in such a way that It's unable to reach it's full operational pressure. I have texted this to him and sent images of the rubber seals which, on close inspection, appear badly damaged. The problem here is that replacement of the necessary parts, in addition to the amount already spent on the appliance, would equal the same amount to simply invest in a brand new pressure cooker. I'm fairly confident he was already aware of this, in retrospect based on his behaviour and a few things that he said but hey, I know that's speculation.

Is there any recourse either through Gumtree or Paypal? He indicated there was no leakage when there clearly is, and the leakage is clearly due to age/degradation of the rubber seals. Either way he entered into the transaction with a lie; he either knew the seals were damaged and didn't say anything when asked directly about it, OR he didn't know they were damaged but said that the appliance sealed and worked well, which it doesn't.

After a quick look at ACCC my understanding is they can't help in private transactions of this nature? Not sure about raising a Paypal dispute either, if it will help or not?
Of course I'm trying to resolve with him directly but he's read and not responded to my messages and images today :/

Many thanks for any helpful insight!