Funds Held in Trust by Tenants Committee - Retirement Villages

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22 August 2014
I am in a retirement village where we got a retirement villages tenants committee (who deal with tenants rights and issues). We have held a fate once a year. In the last 3 years, the committee wants 10% of the sales, which is fair, but they also insist on minding the other 90%, and they will pay us back upon presenting a itemised invoice, we have asked to get $100 out to et cardstock, so we can make cards for the next fate and offered them a receipt for the $100. The committee is refusing to pay that money to us, they want us to lay out the money first and then be reimbursed upon presenting an itemised receipt at the moment the balance of our part of the funds is $277.99. Can they legally refuse to give us our money back?


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11 July 2014
Hi Elisabeth

By the sounds, you and the fate volunteers have put in the effort to generate the funds, however this in itself does not make it as you say "our money"

Do you have reason to doubt the committee would reimburse you?