QLD Faulty roof tiles

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3 February 2021
In 2018 I purchased my first home that was originally built in 1998. I had the usual building and pest inspection which showed broken tiles. I had a verbal discussion with the building inspector and he said there were a "few" broken tiles but would easily be replaced. There were also parts of the house with water damage but that linked up to the broken tiles so again the building inspector said it wasnt extensive and could easily be fixed.

I hired a roofing specialist known to my family to come fix what needed to be done and he found over 150 tiles that needed replacing. He said that they had all broken in half and it looked like multiple could have been broken from the building inspection. He reported that it was one of the worst roofs he had ever seen.

2 years have passed, multiple visits from my roofer to replace tiles that have snapped spontaneously and multiple areas in the house affected by water damage. I had been encouraged to find the manufacturer of the tile and report them as faulty as the tiles seem to be disintegrating and then "popping" open. I wrote to the company in question who initially denied all responsibility as it wasnt their company who sold the tile. However I had done my research and all that had happened was a business name change. These tiles had 'no warranty' according to the company and so they werent liable. They said that this was a very rare occurance and they had not heard of any issues with this tile. It has been 20 years since the house has been built however I have been informed by people in the industry that it is rare that whole roofs need replacing after 20 years. As a compromise they are willing to supply me new tiles 'at cost' to replace my roof. They are refusing to give me a date to replace my roof as they have been bombarded with insurance claims over the last couple of months.

I have since found other professional roofing specialists that have reports of hundreds of other clients who have the same tile and have experienced the exact same problem. They have said that the tile was discontinued due to it being faulty. I also have statements from prior employees working for the company at this time who admitted to the company knowing they had a "bad batch" of tiles but used them anyway. The company in question is refusing to take any responsibility leaving hundreds of people out of pocket up to 20k each. Surely there is an avenue to pursue to get justice relating to this issue. How can a company absolve themselves of all responsibility from a product that is clearly faulty.