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A building inspection is an inspection performed by a building inspector, a person who is employed by either a city, township or county and is usually certified in one or more disciplines qualifying them to make professional judgment about whether a building meets building code requirements. A building inspector may be certified either as a residential or commercial building inspector, as a plumbing, electrical or mechanical inspector, or other specialty-focused inspector who may inspect structures at different stages of completion. Building inspectors may charge a direct fee or a building permit fee. Inspectors may also be able to hold up construction work until inspection has been completed and approved.Some building inspection expertises like facade inspections are required by certain cities or counties and considered mandatory. These are to be done by engineers and not by contractors. An example of a city that adopted this law is Quebec followed by a fatal incident that occurred due to negligence of the state of a facade. These inspections are often included in a contracted building inspection but might not be carefully analyzed and diagnosed like an engineer would.

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    VIC Estate Agent exclusive agreement contract cancellation

    Our friends decided to purchase our house, went via the estate agent, signed the contract of sale conditional on building and pest and finance. Signed on 23rd Dec, our agent told us that if they could not get a building inspector through in 5 days the building and pest part became void. Our...
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    WA Delayed Building Inspection - What to Do Now?

    Hi, I've not been able to arrange a building inspection on a property within the 5 days specified in the accepted offer contract. I could've had it done on day 5 if the agent could facilitate access to the property, but was told (by agent) on the phone not to worry too much about the 5 day...
  3. D

    QLD Property Sale - Issues After Contract is Signed?

    Hi, My query is in relation to obligations of the seller. The property, which is in Queensland, is due to be settled in a week. The buyer had completed building and pest inspections without mention of the fault; being a garage door motor needing replacing. The contract for sale was signed 7...
  4. O

    QLD No Building Inspection from Buyer - Contract Still Valid?

    With reference to a House Sale Contract: If a buyer does not have a Building Inspection Company carry out a building inspection on the property, subject of the sale, does the contract still continue as normal once the inspection date has passed? Can either party to the contract opt out of the...
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    SA Builder refusing independent inspector at PCI

    Hi, we are building a new/first home in SA under an HIA contract. The builder has amended the contract to include: "You cannot visit the site unattended. If you wish to visit the site, a request in writing must be made 72 hours before said visit and consent must be granted by us prior. Site...
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    NSW Sue for False and Misleading Bulding Inspection Report?

    The respondent's building inspector gave a false and misleading building inspection report. My building inspector had defective tiling and poor workmanship in his report and the respondent building inspector had no defective tiling and no poor workmanship in his report. There were no formal...
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    NSW Can Building Inspector Sue Me for Slander?

    Can the building inspector accuse me for slander when he is in the wrong? His building inspection report was false and misleading. He made my building inspector go against me and pressured me into making a consent orders through NCAT for the tiler to return. So there was no formal hearing and...
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    NSW Building Inspection Mistake - Council Approved Final Occupancy Certificate - Compensation?

    We are wondering if we have a case for compensation from Council. On our property file we found the Building inspector conducted a mandatory critical stage building inspection and approved "Trench and Steel" as compliant with the Engineer's Structural Design when, in fact, it was not. Further...
  9. S

    NSW Reselling Strata Report or Building Inspection Report - Legal?

    Hi there, could an individual re-sell a property strata report or building inspection report that they have previously purchased from a business?
  10. B

    NSW Real Estate Tribunal Hearing - Inspection Report Photos?

    I have taken real estate to tribunal firths hearing they had to supply the building inspection reports. The inspection report didn't have the pictures that were taken. Do the landlord need to supply this? Should I ask this now or when we go to hearing?