VIC False Positive Drug Test at Work - Help?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Annika, 1 May 2019.

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    1 May 2019
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    Recently, l was taken for a random drug test at work. it's not the usual process but l was taken for a urine sample.

    At the car, the worker testing me said love tested positive.
    I said that's not possible can l see the result ( where she just flashed her phone at me for a second ) the test said benzodiazepine. Any way l told the worker the test was wrong so what happens now? Is it sent to be properly tested? She assured me yes.

    Anyway arriving back to work, she tells me l am getting sacked because of a failed drug test. l knew l had no hope of fighting so l have stuff and got in my car and left. l was spinning and confused but new this was wrong so l went to another clinic and has the test again. I got the results in 2 days no drugs detected, which l already knew that.

    Anyway, I have still lost my job. l am humiliated that my colleges think l was on drugs, l am angry because this shouldn't be allowed to happen. As l was not at work.for more than 6 months l do not have an unfair dismissal claim.

    Has anyone been in Thai situation.and what did you do?

    I have a lawyer but I really would feel better if we knew of other cases...

    Thanks for you help

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