NT Employee Rights If Employer Doesn't Like My Appearance?

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storm 90

24 March 2015
If I'm employed 'as is' & then 8 months later my employer has a problem with the way I look, can they ask me to change?

I have 5 earrings in one ear & 3 the other, they are all small sleepers. During my interview, I wore my hair up so everyone could see them. During my orientation of the work place & training, nobody mentioned anything about my earrings. I have now been working with this company for 8 months and now all of a sudden they want me to take them out. Do they have any rights under employment law or do I have any employee rights now as I was employed as is? The company policy is 2 in each ear.


Hi Storm 90,

Generally yes they can. Your employer can implement restrictions on wearing earrings and other jewellery, except where the jewellery is of religious significance.