Driving unregistered vehicle on the way to esafety centre

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Pam, 13 August 2019.

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    My husband left his car whose rego expired 4 days ago at a friend’s place before going out.He went to pick it up this morning, and was stopped by a cop on his way to do the esafety check. The cop confirmed he had a valid booking for esafety, but he wanted to know why the car was out of our postcode.

    My husband explained the circumstances, but he made a mistake of mentioning that he dropped it off at the friend’s place a day after the rego expired(which is true).

    The cop did not issue a fine, but said he will confirm with his supervisor, and advise him of the outcome.He wants to fine him for driving 3 days ago without rego.

    Can he issue a fine for this? Without any proof? Can my husband change his statement, and say he was confused and actually dropped it off while it was still registered?

    Will the police look at traffic cameras etc to verify? Should we take our chances in court? Or pay the fine?

    Thank you.
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    Your husband provided a statement to police, so changing it ( although is true) will look like changing it to his benefit (lying) so it will be hard to dispute that in court, if it reaches this stage, the only way to confirm this, if your husband has dropped it off before traveling, that way you have proof that your husband left the State before the expiry data, other than that, it will look fishy, the only way is to try and contact the police officer and apologise, the officer maybe reasonable and just end it with a warning. What would help, if your husband has a clean driving record, raise this with the police officer. This is my opinion only, I am not a lawyer and Good luck.
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