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    9 May 2018
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    I purchased an item $5k and paid $1500 deposit to “secure my spot for manufacture”. Manufacture time was meant to be six moths which came and went then I started asking where it is. “Health reasons” was the excuse but promised on three seperate occasions to have it none “next couple of weeks. Six months later it was done but only after he said he was sick of me asking and asked for my bank details to refund deposit. I refused and said I want the product. Then he was late again so I sent my bank details and requested refund. Then he refused refund, the. He wanted to give me refund, then he refused then he sent an email saying he would refund if I signed an indemnity to not pursue him legally. Now product is made, I told him to take photos, pack it up and I would pay but now it’s back to no refund or sign the letter. I swear this has gone around in circles and am tired of the lies etc. he now believes he does not need to refund the deposit although he stipulated a time frame and lied about further dates to ensure the sale.

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