NSW Deposit Refund not Initiated by Dealer - Australian Consumer Law Rights?

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3 May 2017
I made a deposit for a used car at a private dealer a couple of weeks ago. I made the deposit on behalf of my brother and booked the car. The car was supposed to be fully financed and hence the business manager told me there is a 2% hold on the deposit if I change my mind later (if I wish to cancel the purchase).

However, after an outbreak with their finance manager, for being disrespectful with all our rights, we decided to cancel the purchase of the car. We were asked to email the cancellation in the form of a letter to the sales manager and we did the same.

To our surprise we have not even gotten an acknowledgement till date and it has been almost 10 days since this happened? Could anyone help in knowing what, as a customer, my rights are under Australian Consumer Law in order to get my deposit back?



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31 October 2015
Hi Pranav,

This will most likely be a case of "oh we never received your email". Print your email out (two copies with a receipt note at the bottom) and personally hand it to them. On your copy have them sign receipt of the document. That way if they refuse to pay in the mandated time you can pursue the money in small claims court.
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