NSW Criminal verse Civil Defamation

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20 May 2020
Hi all.
Can anyone please educate me on why criminal defamation is quite rare? I see that people will say so and so is a paedophile or fraud or just accuse people of other things. How is it determined when it becomes either criminal or civil?
What's the most likely sentence for criminal cases of defamation? I have read it's up to 3 years jail. But are those sentences likely to be suspended or community services or what is more likely?
What needs to be proven beyond reasonable doubt in criminal cases?
In civil cases anyone who repeats such (example on social media) become a publisher and can be held accountable in cases. Does the same apply in criminal cases?
There is no specific need to know these answer. Just a general interest. I'm finding the topic rather interesting and Google doesn't really help much with the criminal side.

This is just a general interest


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11 November 2019
I would suggest limited resources the 👮, 👮 probably consider it a civil matter between the parties and the balancing act of free speech vs protection of character.