QLD Costs for a Concerns Notice Under Defamation Act 2005?

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29 June 2016
How much does it cost to generate a "concerns Notice under section 14(2) of the Defamation Act 2005 (QLD)"? Is there a range of reasonable costs? How often do these things go to court? How often are they successful?


Couldn't tell you price, but generally a lawyer will want to get to know the situation first, so it's not simply a matter of drafting the document, it's interviewing you and getting to know the facts and circumstances surrounding the matter. Some web based firms may offer to do this fixed cost if you want some price certainty. Whether you end up going to court will ultimately depend on the defamer's response to your offer.

The significance of a concerns notice is that in the event that the defamer responds with a reasonable offer and you don't accept it, that can be a full defence to any court proceedings that are instituted thereafter. Therefore it all turns on whether the defamer responds to your concerns notice, what their offer is, and whether you accept it.

Deb Em

2 April 2022
They are pricey! Information I received from Gibbs & Wright Lawyers have told me its $1650 for one letter. If you have multiple issues on different time frames to add its $440 per hour depending on how many related issues need to be addressed.