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Adverse or adverse interest, in law, is anything that functions contrary to a party's interest. This word should not be confused with averse.

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    NSW Damages for defamation in an adverse action claim

    Is there any reason why damages for defamation couldn’t be claimed in a successful general protections adverse action case? Would the defamation need to be an adverse action itself caused by the exercise of a workplace right or could it be considered for damages in the same way that shock...
  2. K


    I have been permanently residing at my parents' estate for over five years. The executor ha failed to distribute the assets - particularly the house. Can I claim ownership of the house under "adverse possession' laws in NSW?
  3. H

    Adverse Possession

    This is a hypothetical for a fictional story scenario. Being a non lawyer I would appreciate any help with the correct terminology and concepts, or any other useful information to the hypothetical. Thanks in advance! If a property was acquired through adverse possession (ala the recent Sydney...
  4. G

    Adverse Possession of unused government land

    We have a house that has about 30sqm of land within our fence line that was owned by State Rail NSW. The fence has been up since before we bought the property in 1997. We have a clothes line, paving and garden on the area and have used it without interruption since we purchased the property. It...
  5. C

    VIC Adverse Possession

    I live in a battle axe two lot subdivision in the front lot which i purchased six months ago. The back boundary fence curves a bit at the back left where it meets the shared driveway. I contacted the owner to advise that I was re-setting the fence and they claimed that the fence has been in...
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    NSW Cause of adverse action

    Assume for the purposes of this question that making a complaint to the police is definitely a workplace right in this case. 1. Employee makes a legitimate complaint to the police about her wantonly nefarious employer. 2. Employee informs employer the complaint to the police has been made. 3...
  7. D

    TAS Emmminent law claim on my property

    I have recently inherited a House and the next door neighbor is hinting at having imminent domain over part of it. What would that neighbor have to have done to claim that, would the neighbor be required to submit paperwork to me?