QLD Commercial lease- Covid and early termination of lease

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6 February 2022
Landlord took possession of commercial lease during negotiations of surrendering the lease.

Rent its paid up to date
Landlord used equipment not owned by him to barricade the doors and took possesion of lessees property as well as hired equipment within the venue.
To date there hasn't been any written termination notice neither by the lessee nor by the lessor.
After requesting access to leased space lessor's staff advised not granting access to lessee.

1. is this a repudiation of contract due to being locked and barricaded out? Will this void the lease contract?
2. Lessors claims to keep property of lessee.
3. Landlord claims to recover damages for rent amounts for retainer of lease ( 3 years).


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7 October 2020
The first thing I'd be looking at is whether a Notice to Remedy Breach of Covenant (Form 7) has been given with sufficient notice to remedy the stated breach. Section 124(1) of the Property Law Act states:

"A right of re-entry or forfeiture under an proviso or stipulation in a lase, for a breach of any covenant, obligations, condition or agreement (express or implied) in the lease, shall not be enforceable by action or otherwise unless and until the lessor serves on the lessee a [Form 7] and the lessee fails within a reasonable time after service of the notice to remedy the breach, if it is capable of remedy, and, where compensation in money is required, to pay reasonable compensation to the satisfaction of the lessor for the breach."

If there is a failure to comply with the Act's obligations, an application can be made to the court for relief against the forfeiture.

This isn't an easy self-help area, so I strongly suggest engaging a solicitor with knowledge of commercial disputes and property law.