NSW Collapsed fence

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4 November 2017
Hi and thanks for the forum. The neighbour at the back of my property has built up the level of their yard. They've placed layers of dirt at their back and it finished about 1 metre up the fence. Over time the wooden fence could not hold back all of this dirt and now the fence has completely collapsed. I'm sure that they should at least build a retaining wall. They've suggested a wall on the boundary and place the fence on top of the wall. I personally don't like this idea and prefer the fence be replaced at the same level as the existing fence and for them to retain their own dirt on their side. My questions are as follows if anyone hear can point me to the correct information or where to find it.
1. I can't seem to find the legislation that says how far back from the fence the minimum distance is for the wall. If anyone can let me know, I'd be grateful.
2. Can they force me to have the wall on the boundary even though I'm not the one who filled in the land and knocked over the fence.
3. I don't get on poorly with the neighbours but what avenues do I have if this all turns pear shaped.

Thanks everybody, I'm in NSW.