NSW Caught shoplifting from 2 stores

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22 January 2021
First of all I am so guilty and ashamed of what I did and cannot sleep, eat or do anything now. I swear will not ever think of trying this again.So I came out of Coles without paying for items worth $63. After I exit the store, the lady and a guy came to me, showed her ID(they were undercover coles security officers) , said I have not paid for few things they want to talk to me and took me to the room at back of the store. They asked for the bill and took all the things from my trolley for which I have not Paid. I sincerely apologised what I did, they said they will let me go with the warning and ban for 6 months only if the items I have not paid for are less than $50.But as the items were worth $63,the guy called the police. The lady asked the guy to call police again after we waited for them for more than 20 mins,she mentioned we cannot retain her(me) for long time here. He called again to check the ETA(estimated time of arrival), and the in the other side of the phone, the person has asked for my details(DOB, license number, address and items total price which was not paid). The security officer was advised that the police is having tight schedule, they will come as soon any officer arrives back at station. Again while we were waiting, the security lady looked at my trolley which has lots of stuff from kmart also, she asked for the bill for those items and started counting the things in trolley with the bill. Some items were not in the bill as I have not paid for them. Kmart was in the same shopping centre as the Coles in. She asked the guy to call and asked KMart manager to come in and if kmart manager want to involve the police or not its their call. The guy called Kmart manager and she said she is very busy at the moment can come only after half an hour. And the guy again called the police to tell them about the kmart stealing also. The police lady said the same thing again that as soon as any police officer came back to station they will come to Coles. They did not come again after 10-15 mins wait. Then these coles security officer told me that the police will call me to visit at the station or they will come home if I don't pick the phone. She was nice until she knows that I have stolen from Coles and bit of a rude when she found that I got few things from kmart also. She said I will ask the management of the shopping centre also to ban you to visit here. Then they let me go after I signed the Coles trespasser form and I more form where I have mentioned what I did. And keep all the stuff which I have not paid(Kmart and Coles) Total could be $250 worth from both the stores.
My questions are:
- It's been 2 days no call yet.is there any time frame for them
- Since they kept kmart items also and kmart manager did not come, would there be possibility that police go and see kmart manager to enquire or anything
- It's first offence, what are the obligations
- If I get a call to visit at police Station for interview, should I seek legal advice before I go

I request please, no judgements🙏. That all I did was momentarily, couldn't really recall what came to mind that let me not pay for the things and it's first time.I am extremely anxious as I have 2 years old but I told my husband of this, luckily he understood.