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NSW Breaking a lease before move in

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by tawan, 12 October 2017.

  1. tawan

    tawan Member

    24 February 2016
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    Hi ,

    I would like to ask for the advice about breaking a rental lease before moving in to the property.
    Here is the very brief and quick explanation about my situation

    - I found a place I wanted to move in.
    - I applied for it and got the approval from agency and landlord.
    - I paid 1 week holding fee to the agency.
    - I signed the lease, but the agency didn't give me the copy of the tenancy agreement until I pay the 4 weeks rental bond to RBO, which I have not paid yet.

    - The move in date in the lease is next week.
    - My situation has changed, I might not be able to move in anymore.

    My understanding is, since I have signed the lease, even I am willing to let them take my 1 week holding fee for breaking the lease before moving in, it is not enough because I am still obligated to pay the rent until they can find the new tenant, which is what I don't want to.

    What should I do in this situation to avoid paying the rent until the agency can find new tenant?


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