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  1. natasha.ann

    VIC Tenant Rights - Tenant but not on the lease

    I signed a co-tenancy agreement in July 2020, with one other person with Century 21 Real Estate. In Nov 2020, the other co-tenant moved her boyfriend into our property. He has since been here permanently, and she has provided him with a key. Since the boyfriend moved in, within the first month...
  2. Maddiej

    VIC My housemate is leaving and wants her bond back but wont get off the lease

    2 of my housemates are leaving the lease early because we all had a falling out which is fine however they are being a pain with it. They are overcharging us for the last bills (they have overcharged us the entire tenancy. I only just realised when I transferred 2 of the services into my name...
  3. R

    NSW Breaking a lease

    I have noted with the new fixed term lease tenancy break of lease regulations from 23/3 a tenant pays a variable penalty to break based on which quarter of lease period remains. I have 2 questions: To break a lease does a tenant need a breach to have occurred by landlord or can this break be...