QLD Body corporate stickered my car

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2 June 2020
I was visiting a friend down the gold coast and after having a polite conversation with the property manager yesterday I parked my car out on the street. My car was parked with 2 wheels on the nature strip ( I know it's not allowed but it is a narrow road and bin day, plus there was other cars parked like that) my friend and i went for a walk and when we got back I had a sticker on the front and back windscreen, just slapped in the middle on the drivers side front and middle on the back. The sticker was bright orange and said that my car will be towed as it was parked illegally, signed body corporate. My car was also the only one with stickers even though the other cars were there before me.
I tried to pull the stickers off but they didn't come off cleanly and left residue which I had to leave there to drive back to Brisbane. It hindered my line of view.
Now I plan on going back to see my friend again but don't know my rights when it comes to dealing with the manager again and where he will deem me allowed to park.
I have photos of my car where it was parked the stickers, and of the other cars

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
You were parked out on the public road? That’s nothing to do with the body corporate for a start. My suggestion is to park properly, not within the strata scheme, and be done with it.