VIC Best Way to Mitigate Speeding Fines?

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8 November 2018
Hi everyone,

During a recent day trip south of Melbourne, I received three speeding violations in a single day. Each fine is about $200 dollars for going approximately 5k over the speed limit. All together I'm facing $600 worth of fines for a single day of driving.

My question is, what's the best way to try and get these speeding fines mitigated under traffic law?

For what it's worth, I'm a nurse with no history of traffic violations or other criminal behavior.

Thank you in advance!!


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27 May 2014
If the fines were from one trip, take them to court and argue you are being penalised 3 times for one offence. In other words you should only have one fine.

Or you can write to the police asking them to withdraw one ticket for good behaviour, then they'll want you to pay the other 2.

This is modern day tax cameras at work. I had someone veer into my lane on a freeway twice at the weekend as a was about to go past. When I did go past my passenger confirmed they were looking down at the steering wheel/lap, probably into a phone. Much more dangerous than 5k over the limit!