WA Beneficiary rights and timeframe

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Rob Lee

7 March 2020
My father died 20 months ago, the executor has been granted probate which was received about six after death, all assets have disposed of except for some investment shares. The only thing I am not sure of is whether the final tax return has been lodged. I am one of two beneficiaries with a 50/50 split of assets and the other beneficiary is the executor.
So the bulk of the monies have been split 50/50 to my knowledge but apparently there is still some left in the bank account setup by the executor. I have requested to view the paperwork for all the costs and expenses (beneficiaries statement) associated with the estate but am not getting any response from the executor. 20 months a a fair time and have yet to see any paper work so want to get onto it before more time drags on.
Basically what I would like to is, how long does the executor have to respond to my request?
Can I go to the Supreme Court and report that the executor has failed to provide me with a statement after a request?
What action if any would the court take?